Best of British Beers (H66)


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Nine distinctive 500ml bottle conditioned beers brewed by Sadler’s, Marston’s, Whychwood, Holden’s and Lancaster – presented in a great crate, which can be used again and again. Union Jack printed onto the front. The crates are made from sustainable wood.


  • Sadler’s Peaky Blinder 500ml
  • Thwaites Lancaster Bomber 500ml
  • Sadlers Worcester Sorcerer 500ml
  • Jennings Cockerhoop 500ml
  • Holden’s Bitter 500ml
  • Holdens Golden Glow 500ml
  • Wychwood Firecatcher 500ml
  • Ringwood Boondoggle 500ml
  • Banks Amber 500ml


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Packed into a wooden crate with dividers.

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Contains Alcohol

Contains Fresh Food


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